Gravely AXIS™ 200 Series Compact Utility Loader


Gravely AXIS 200 Compact Utility Loaders for sale in Connecticut. Local pick-up only (delivery available). Call (860) 216-0227 to learn more about our Gravely AXIS 200 Compact Utility Loaders for sale!

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Gravely AXIS 200 Series Compact Utility Loaders For Sale in Connecticut

​​​Introducing the Gravely AXIS™, a multi-tool machine that puts a heavy emphasis on “multi.” It performs a ton of jobs but its main one is maximizing a crew’s time in the field. With its list of attachments and capabilities, it’s not a machine that will sit idle.


Gravely Axis 200 Sell Sheet


Gravely Axis 200 utility loader warranty


Gravely Axis 200 feature engine

Powerful Diesel Engines

Models feature the Kubota® D1105 25 HP Diesel.

Gravely Axis 200 feature self leveling boom

Dual Lift Cylinder Arms

Strong and self-leveling, they can lift up to 631 lbs. with a tipping load of up to 1262 lbs.

Gravely Axis 200 feature tires track

Tires or Tracks

Models include big 18 x 8.5 x 8 Turf Saver Tires, 7' or 9' imbedded steel rubber tracks. All models can switch from wheel to track or track to wheel with factory kit.