If you’re the owner of a zero-turn lawn mower requiring repairs or maintenance, or if you’re looking to purchase a state-of-the-art lawn mower that’s ultra-performant and effective, you’ve landed in the right place. River East Power Equipment is Connecticut’s leading provider of the best outdoor tools, and we’re here to help.


We’re a certified dealer of two of the leading brands of zero turn lawn mowers - Gravely and Ariens. Both boast powerful and performant models which are hugely popular amongst mowing professionals throughout Connecticut.

Gravely’s zero-turn mowers provide maximum durability and performance, with a fast drive speed and a comfortable ride. They’re low maintenance models so following the upfront investment, they don’t cost a lot to look after. The Ariens collection of zero-turn mowers are a great value alternative to Gravely’s commercial range. Built with tough components and convenient features, these are particularly popular for residential use. We also sell all the essential spare parts and supplies - get in touch to inquire about our full range on offer.

Gravely Zero Turn Lawn Mower Dealer in Connecticut
Zero Turn Lawn Mower Dealer in Connecticut


The zero-turn lawn mower is a technology that transformed the maintenance of large areas of land. The zero-turn steering system allows you to rotate on the spot, enabling precise maneuvres and leaving no areas uncut. They’re optimal for large areas, whether your home is on a grassy acreage or you’re working as a commercial landscaper.

However, they can be difficult to fix when there are breakages or faults. Fortunately, our team of professional repairers have years of experience and expertise, allowing them to fix all major makes and models of zero-turn lawn mowers with fast turnaround times. We’re reliable and trustworthy, and we guarantee results that won’t let you down.

If you’re a local Connecticut homeowner or commercial landscaper, look no further than River East Power Equipment for the best zero turn lawn mowers on the market. Whether you need repairs and servicing, or brand new equipment, we have you covered. Our team of zero turn lawn mower experts are ready and willing to partner with you - just drop by at our CT dealership and we can talk!

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Why River East Power Equipment For Zero Turn Lawn Mower Sales & Repairs

  We have experience working with all major makes and models of zero turn lawn mowers
  We’re conveniently based in East Hartford, CT

  We’re a certified dealer of the top-of-the-range Gravely and Ariens models
  Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority

  For many years we’ve been the go-to repairer for zero turn lawn mowers in CT

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