Gravely ZT XL Series Zero Turn Lawn Mower


Gravely ZT XL Series Lawn Mowers for sale in Connecticut. Local pick-up only (delivery available). Call (860) 216-0227 to learn more about our Gravely ZT XL Series Lawn Mowers for sale!

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Gravely ZT XL Series Lawn Mowers For Sale in Connecticut

​​​AN UPGRADE TO ANY PROPERTY. The ZT XL treats residential properties like a pro thanks to its professional-grade power and heavy-duty features. It’s built to handle big jobs while it delivers the comfort needed to mow acre after acre. This is a residential machine with the heart and soul of a commercial mower.


Gravely ZT XL Sell Sheet


Gravely ZT ZL zero turn lawn mower warranty


Gravely ZT XL lawn mower welded tubular chassis

One-piece, Fully-Welded Tubular Chassis

This all-new chassis displays strength and durability with its closed tube frame rails and fully welded construction techniques influenced by our commercial applications.

Gravely ZT XL lawn mower X Factor 11 gauge deck

New X-Factor® 11-gauge Fabricated Deck

Airflow is optimized in this all new 4 1/2 inch-deep deck. A reinforced sloped nose allows more room for grass to stand up ahead of the cutting chamber and caged anti-scalp wheels protect your lawn from minor bumps and scrapes.

Gravely ZT XL lawn mower seats

New Taller and Wider Seat with Padded Armrests, Taller Seat Base

Ready for the long mow! A 22” tall seat provides more back support and is mounted on a taller seat base to make it easier to stand up and sit down. Armrests deliver extra cushion for more comfort.

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