12 Jul 2024
What Temperature Is Too Hot To Mow The Lawn

What Temperature Is Too Hot To Mow The Lawn? Hot Weather Mowing

Mowing the lawn might seem like a straightforward task, but when the hot summer sun rises, it can quickly become a challenge. Knowing the right temperature to safely and effectively mow your lawn is crucial for both your health and the well-being of your grass. Extreme heat can pose risks that go beyond simple discomfort.

When temperatures soar, the grass can suffer from stress, and mowing it can cause more harm than good. Plus, working in high heat can put you at risk for heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. So, what’s the tipping point? Understanding when it’s too hot to mow can save you time, effort, and ensure your lawn stays lush and green.READ MORE

24 May 2024
Best residential zero turn lawn mowers.

What Is The Best Residential Zero Turn Mower? Gravely. Here’s Why!

Looking for the ultimate grass-cutting champion for your lawn? A top-rated residential zero-turn mower might just be your best bet. These mowers are designed for efficiency and precision, allowing you to glide through your mowing chores with ease. Imagine trimming your lawn with the agility of a professional, turning on a dime and cutting close to edges without breaking a sweat.

18 Apr 2024
How Long After Overseeding Can I Mow?

How Long After Overseeding Can I Mow? (When To Mow After Overseeding)

Ever tackled overseeding your lawn, aiming for that lush, vibrant green that’s not just easy on the eyes but great for the ecosystem too? If you have, you’re likely familiar with the anticipation (and maybe a bit of anxiety) that comes next. The big question on your mind: “How long after overseeding can I mow?” It’s a common dilemma, stirring among gardeners who’ve just given their lawns a much-needed boost.

28 Feb 2024
How to Mow Straight Lines with a Zero Turn Lawn Mower

How to Mow Straight Lines with a Zero Turn Lawn Mower: Simple Techniques for a Perfect Lawn

How do you mow straights lines with a zero turn lawn mower? Mowing the lawn is a regular task for many homeowners, with the goal often being to achieve a lush, aesthetically pleasing yard with neat, straight lines. Zero turn lawn mowers are a popular choice for their agility and efficient cutting paths, but operating one to create those coveted straight lines can be a bit tricky. It takes a little practice and the right technique to master the art of mowing in straight lines with these powerful machines.

26 Jan 2024
Spring Lawn Care Checklist

Spring Lawn Care Checklist & Steps (Do These 5 Steps Before May)

Looking for the ultimate spring lawn care checklist? As the last bits of snow melt away and tiny green shoots start peeking through the soil, you may look at your lawn and feel overwhelmed. After months of dormancy, it likely has dead spots, matted grass, lingering leaves, and bare patches just waiting for weeds to take over. Getting your lawn back in shape can seem like a huge project – but it doesn’t have to be!

With this simple spring lawn care checklist, you’ll be ready to revive your yard and get it looking lush and healthy again in just a few weekends.


29 Sep 2023
Ariens Mammoth 850

The Ariens MAMMOTH 850 Snow Removal Vehicle

River East Power Equipment is proud to offer the Ariens MAMMOTH 850: the world’s most powerful, most capable snow removal machine. Its compact size lets the MAMMOTH go anywhere, and its four oversized tires are driven by a state-of-the-art 28.5 hp engine. Add your choice of attachments, and the MAMMOTH 850 is the perfect solution for Connecticut homeowners, property managers, and municipal agencies who need to clear heavy snow quickly, efficiently, and completely.READ MORE

13 Aug 2023
Dethatch Lawn Connecticut

Dethatching Your Connecticut Lawn: When and How

Your lawn is a complex system, and Connecticut’s hot, humid summers can cause it to grow out of balance. If you’ve given your lawn all the water, nutrients, and sunlight it needs, but it’s still not as thick and lush as you’d like, consider what’s happening between your soil and the grass you mow each weekend. You could be suffering from an excess of thatch.READ MORE

27 Mar 2023
what lawn fertilizer is safe for well water

What Lawn Fertilizer Is Safe For Well Water?

What lawn fertilizer is safe for well water? If your property contains a well, you know that you need to take certain steps to preserve your water quality. That includes paying attention to the lawn fertilizer you use near any wellsite. You’ll want to test your water once a year or so to confirm that it’s clean and safe. But how should you treat your lawn in the meantime? What lawn fertilizer is safe for well water?

13 Mar 2023
When (& How) To Apply Milorganite

When (& How) To Apply Milorganite For DIYers

For nearly a century, homeowners have used Milorganite to deliver the nitrogen their lawns crave without the risk of burning their grass or creating patchy, streaky results. That’s because Milorganite releases nitrogen more slowly than many other fertilizers, keeping grass consistently nourished while it grows strong and resilient. Milorganite also contains iron, which helps grass develop deeper, richer shades of green.

02 Nov 2020
Winter Storage For Snowblowers

Winter Storage Tips For Snowblowers

Snowblower Starting Instructions:

  1. Put fresh fuel in the gas tank and check the oil level
  2. Turn the fuel valve on (if equipped)
  3. Put the throttle to full and put the choke lever to full
  4. Press the primer bulb 2 times
  5. Pull the starter cord until the engine turns over
  6. Move the choke setting to half way and let machine run for 3-5 seconds
  7. Take the machine completely off choke and the machine will smooth out, wait another 10 seconds.
  8. You are now ready to use the snow blower!


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