River East Power Equipment is proud to offer the Ariens MAMMOTH 850: the world’s most powerful, most capable snow removal machine. Its compact size lets the MAMMOTH go anywhere, and its four oversized tires are driven by a state-of-the-art 28.5 hp engine. Add your choice of attachments, and the MAMMOTH 850 is the perfect solution for Connecticut homeowners, property managers, and municipal agencies who need to clear heavy snow quickly, efficiently, and completely.

Meet the Beast: The Ariens MAMMOTH 850 Snow Removal Vehicle

The Ariens MAMMOTH 850 is built around a best-in-class Kawasaki 850V-EFI two-cylinder engine that delivers 28.5 hp and nearly 45 lb-ft of torque. Electronic fuel injection keeps the MAMMOTH 850 working efficiently and lets it start reliably, even on Connecticut’s coldest days. A closed-loop Parker HP2 piston pump reduces maintenance costs while delivering maximum power to four Parker DR-series motors, one for each 22” Kenda Terra Trac tire.

A 10-gallon fuel tank keeps the MAMMOTH on task throughout longer jobs, and zero-turn steering lets it follow even the trickiest pathways and sidewalks. When jobs start early or finish late, the MAMMOTH’s two forward-facing LED lights and single rear-facing LED keep operators on course and pedestrians safe.

The MAMMOTH’s controls are laid out clearly and intuitively, making it easy for operators to tackle complex jobs: steer with one hand while operating the attachment with a rugged, responsive joystick. Heated hand grips keep operators comfortable and in control, even at the end of long shifts.

Go Anywhere, Do Anything

The MAMMOTH 850 is built to go anywhere. Ariens’ Snowzilla™ quick-attach system lets you do anything once you get there. Blow snow up to 60 feet, plow tricky angles with an articulating 48” plow blade, clear parking lots quickly with the four-foot v-plow, or spread brine or salt efficiently and accurately. Read on to learn more.

Snow Blower Head

Perfect for clearing snow quickly from sidewalks and paths, the 36” snow blower head can toss snow from three feet to more than 60 feet. The MAMMOTH’s joystick gives operators complete control over the blower head, letting them clear snow quickly while minimizing clean-up passes. The blower head comes complete with steel scraper blades and skid shoes.

Plow Blade

Taking full advantage of the MAMMOTH 850’s sheer power, the 48” plow blade attachment bullies even the wettest, heaviest snow. The heavy scraper digs through snow and ice to the pavement, and pivots 30 degrees in both directions to let your operators chart the quickest, most efficient course each time.


For maximum flexibility, along with more accurate snow placement in tighter areas, consider the V-plow attachment. Its durably hinged all-steel construction features the same pavement-seeking scraper blade as the standard plow blade, and its trip-edge design keeps narrow plow jobs neat and tidy, saving time and money on subsequent cleanup passes.

Power Broom

Uneven surfaces can keep even the best plows from removing every last bit of snow. The 44” power broom attachment lets you put the finishing touch on snow-removal jobs in pedestrian areas and other spaces that require absolutely complete clearing. Each polymer bristle disc can be replaced separately.

Brine Spreader

Icy surfaces are dangerous, and liquid brine is the most cost-effective, most environmentally friendly way to keep ice at bay. The Snowzilla brine spreader features a 20-gallon tank, five controllable sprayer nozzles, and a hand-held sprayer wand for precise application, even on narrow sidewalks.

Salt Spreader

For decades, property owners and municipalities have used rock salt to melt ice from large areas. The MAMMOTH’s salt spreader attachment carries up to two cubic feet of rock salt and offers operators an unsurpassed degree of control with variable drop widths up to 36 inches and a digital variable-speed controller right on the dashboard.

Speed and Versatility

The MAMMOTH 850 is designed to get through snow of any depth at speeds of up to eight mph moving forward and 4 mph in reverse.

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River East is ready to help you add the right attachments from Ariens’ comprehensive line, letting you tackle the worst of what Connecticut throws at you each winter—and to do the job more quickly than ever.