02 Sep 2020
When To Stop Mowing, And Watering, In The Fall

When To Stop Mowing, And Watering, In The Fall?

As grass growth slows and the leaves start changing colors, many people begin wondering about the outside chores and yard maintenance that autumn holds. It’s important to prepare your lawn accordingly, to give your grass the best chance for making it through the winter, while also giving yourself a head-start on the spring cleaning. While you’ll obviously know when fall is on the way, there are some key signs that you should look out for in order to best prepare for the time when your grass stops growing.


02 Sep 2020
Are Mushrooms Bad For Your Lawn - How To Kill Mushrooms In Lawn

Are Mushrooms Bad For Your Lawn? ?? How To Kill Lawn Mushrooms

As summer draws to a close, and autumn brings the rainy season, you may begin to see a mushroom or two popping up in your front yard. These mushrooms are likely harmless to humans and pets, but they can be quite the eyesore for those who pride themselves on a healthy, well-manicured lawn. It can be extremely frustrating to see dozens of these pesky little fungi pop up literally overnight, but they can be also difficult to gain control over and prevent from returning again.


05 Jul 2020
Lawn Care and Grass Tips in Connecticut

Lawn & Grass Care Tips for Connecticut Homeowners

The stress due to the summer heat and lack of rainfall this season has greatly affected many homeowner’s throughout the Northeast. Here in CT, our grass climate zone is 7 which means that our planting season is in the early spring and fall as temperatures are much cooler for germination; hence the name “cool season grass”. Most of the grasses that grow in our zone are either a type of Bluegrass, Fescue, Rye, or a mixture of all and they tend to go dormant in the summer when the temperatures are consistently above 80. Dormancy is a grasses natural defense to survive when conditions are not favorable to sustain vigorous growth. During the summer months our mowing habits seem to slow down and many homeowners fight a constant battle with either weeds, disease or high water bills. Depending on how much time and money you want to spend to keep your grass looking the best all season long, there’s still a few tips that every homeowner can benefit from:


05 Mar 2019
Best Time To Aerate Lawn in New England

When is the Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn in New England?

After a hot and busy summer, your lawn can be a little worn out. Properly timed aeration helps to refresh and revitalize the grass in your yard by counteracting the effects of compacted soil and thatch- two conditions that often show up in the heavily used areas of a lawn. With aeration you are creating openings in the soil to help air, water and nutrients better reach the roots of your grass. In other words, you are helping your lawn to breathe. The results of aeration speak for themselves in a lusher and healthier turf.


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